Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ramblings of an Inconsistent Blogger

You all know that when I write, it's usually within a day or two of whatever's happening but I wrote this in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago and hadn't felt like reading it while being fully awake until now. Well, fully awake might be an understatement right now but I'm definitely more awake than I was when I wrote this. So here we go...

The Padres have been making some notable, for them, moves this off-season but none notable enough for me to really care about. I honestly couldn't tell you any of the moves we have made with the exception of the Logan Forsythe trade and even at that, I could only say it was a 5 for 2 kind of deal. The Padres of course being on the generous side and sending the 5 players to Tampa for 2. Now, I haven't looked up the stats on the guys we received because I don't even know their names but I do know both are pitchers (hooray!!) and one is a minor leaguer. Along with Logan, we sent Boxberger. Who as you remember was acquired in the Latos trade (that I still hate), leaving us with a broken catcher and an average 1B. Alonso is slowly growing on me but sometimes I swear I can play a better 1B than he can. Anyway, I don't remember who the other 3 players we sent are so, oops. I'm not saying this is a bad trade but it continues to make me questions the Padres trading abilities. Obviously they sign/trade for players under an assumption that they will remain healthy and or that their minor league numbers will translate into big league production and it will all work out but the Padres have some of the worst luck with this. I like that we are attempting to make moves, I just wish luck was on our side and that for once we wouldn't get the shitty end of the stick. I'm tired of being a sad Padres fan. Oh yeah, there was also the whole keeping Chase for another season thing. That was not my favorite move.

In other baseball news, my all time favorite baseball player not named Ken Caminiti is no longer dead. I'm pleased and saddened to announce that Grady Sizemore signed with the Boston Red Sox but you guys already knew that. If you recall, my second post ever on here was about why I thought the Padres should sign him. If you don't  recall you can find it here. There were talks that Grady was going to sign with the Reds and that pleased my little baseball heart. If he wasn't going to return to the Indians or sign with the Padres, at least he was going to be with a team that comes to Petco every season and at the very least is in the same vicinity as the Padres spring training facility. And then my little baseball heart was crushed when I saw the news that he signed a deal with the Red Sox. The Red Sox are one of my least favorite teams and I have no explanation for this but they are. To find out one of my all time favorite players signed with them almost made me want to cry. I even questioned whether or not crying was acceptable and then I remembered "there's no crying in baseball" and went on with my day.

As I mentioned in the attached post, Grady when healthy is beyond amazing. His accomplishments speak for him. However, as was mentioned, he is injury plagued. That mans love and passion for the game is stronger than his body. I had a brief conversation about Grady on twitter and said that I would trade Cam for Grady any day. Don't get me wrong, I like Cam but both are useless when playing through an injury but Grady when healthy, there are no words. Grady can get it. Now if Cam can stay healthy I'd be thrilled, still would prefer Grady but I'd be happy to settle for Cam. In a perfect world, the final sentence in my response to a comment would happen... "put a healthy Grady with Cam and we might not even need a third outfielder." Obviously, we'd need a third outfielder but with how much ground each man can cover when healthy, the third outfielder would more or less be backup in case the ball for some unknown reason gets by Cam and or Grady. At least that's how my mind is choosing to play out this scenario. Best of luck to Grady and fingers crossed he stays healthy.


  1. I say put Cam and Grady in the outfield, while Carlos Quentin stands directly behind the batter and threatens to bowl him over the whole at-bat.

    1. YES!! It will be easier on his knees too so it's a win win.